Logo & Branding

We design logo and branding materials for our clients in order to help them to develop business.

COBIO 15th anniversary logo

COBIO Smart Healthcare Technology Co. Ltd. is a dynamic company which is committed to smart healthcare and an integrated medical solutions provider. Owning professional R&D team covers cutting edge technologies including AI, Computer Vision, ICT, IOT and clinical experiences which are equipped our Morphology instruments in leading the world class level. They requested a 15th anniversary logo which need to use the combination of 15 and heart. We comes up with using 2 hearts to compose the shape of 15. And also metaphors the cooperation spend 2 times effort on there works. 

MEC Cooperation

MEC is a logistic company. The idea of the logo is bridge, which bridge 2 countries together.

Céci Masthead

Ceci is a magazine originate from Korea. The publisher wants to create a Chinese masthead. KK comes up with using the original logo's element and adapted to Chinese character.

Tatler Masthead

Magazine masthead design. KK adapted the English stroke to Chinese. It's makes Chinese and English harmony together. 

KK was also the art director of the magazine.

Restaurant Review Masthead

Magazine masthead design. Along side with Chief Editor Ms Wu. We change the logo from regular sans serif to a tailor-made traditional Chinese type. It gives the magazine more cultural feeling. We also create a cover style that the magazine used for a year, the tailor-made Chinese font for the contents.