Packaging Design

Facial Mask Packaging

Oleva is a facial mask brand, they launch a new product line called MASK PRO. We designed from logo, icons and packaging.

Pet Food Packaging Illustrations

Pet's snacks illustration including 3 kind of cats and 6 kind of dogs painting for health and happy. 

Gift tin box

Base on a real cafe store in Shanghai,  cooperated with Designer made every detail in illustration to emphasis the mood of warmth and happiness.

Lénto Drip Coffee packaging design

In Europe, a lot of people reading a book while they drink coffee. When we begin the Lénto Drip coffee packaging, we borrow this idea, We create a book shape box, and a belly band which tells the coffee bean's originate.

IC Press Shopping Bag

IC press is one of the biggest photo bank in China.
For their shopping bag design, we use their photo and extend the belt. When people carry the bag, will looks like also carrying a camera. That helps to promote the company's image.   

KHB—Kehua Bio Engineering Co., Ltd

KBH is a leading Bio-Engineering company, public listed in Shenzhen. 

We were commission to design the bag for their flag ship product—Polaris.

Inspired from growing trees, we extend the strokes of product name and connect to the significant part of the product metaphor the product is keep growing in the coming future.


"Majiang" in Chinese means sesame sauce, it is the name of this Shiba dog. Base on this name made 8 puppy's illustrations around the sesame sauce picture in the middle.

Honey Packaging

Honey packaging design for a online store. The client has very limited budget, so we decided to use same box with a diet window, so that customers and see the interior. We also designed the logo and Amanda provided illustration.

NEOPIGG Packaging

Neopigg is a series swine nutrition products. It offers a unique set of nutritional products, tools and consultative services to optimize every aspect of influence on piglet's growth performance. Based on client's request, we provide illustration and packaging design services. We also create icon to emphasis the product's strength. 

The Famous Grouse

A gift box design for British Whisky The Famous Grouse.