Other works

Apart from editorial, branding, illustrations, packaging. We also participate so many other project such as poster, interactive design......etc.

Mascot design

This is the design for “Shining Star Innovation” contest. The design is base on the client's request-- robot. We use the client's logo blue for the robot, with the star antena (the logo of the contest). The character applied to power pack, bag, USB key etc. 

Lab Coat for Merck

We were commissioned by Merck –– a German leading science and technology company in healthcare, life science and performance materials since 1668 –– to create a set of promotional lab-coats which target the experimenters. The coats was very welcomed by the experimenters. We also design icons for the lab-coat.

Poster design

We designed some poster for theater, exhibition and 100years anniversary of Konica cameras.

UI Design

We were appointed to Moet Hennessy's internal application and web-site front page —— Sales Playbook. We also deign the UIs for them.

Activities material

We design activities material for Moet Hennessy's wine department.

Type design for speech

Miss Yan Mi - Curator, former editor-in-chief of ELLE DECORATION - participated a speech in SHENZHEN, China. The Theme called XUN (in chinese can be: searching and asking), about the future of Chinese furniture industry. We design a contradiction type for her speed.

Redesign and illustration for Or Insight(cloud web site redesign)