Amanda is an author of two books. The books introduce drawing technique. It is now distribute nationally  in China.

Illustration for China's leading real-estate enterprise

Shui  On, a China's leading enterprise commission us to produce illustrations for their 2020 internal management training note-book. according to the printing method, we produce black/white illustration with simple and warm style. 

Hand drawing illustration for Magazine

Amanda is regularly committed by magazines for their article's illustration.

Illustrations for Noblesse magazine

The illustrations for the flower feature.

Illustration for World Traveller magazine

The illustrations for the Forbidden City feature.

Watercolor poster for Diamond Dazzle shop window

Diamond Dazzle is a Chinese nation wide fashion company. The Grand Gateway 66 branch in Shanghai commission Amanda to draw a 2meters height promotional poster. Amanda finished it by hand draw water. The poster displayed in front of the shop for several weeks. 

Hand drawing for calendar

Calendar illustration for a Chinese suitcase brand –– Sincere. the client was very satisfy with the illustrations. And the continually commission Amanda the draw the 2018's calendar. 

Hand drawing for pop-up book

The pop-up book illustration is committed by a British Coffee Franchise ––Costa.

illustration for Shanghai Subway

Wall painting for restaurants

Hand drawing for Moleskine bags

Hand drawing for CATART exhibition in Shanghai

Illustration for mask design

Digital illustration for VISA

Digital  illustration for Shanghai Daily

Digital illustration for Shanghai Daily(Whistle-stop tours)

illustration for Shanghai Daily cover

Digital illustration for Shanghai Daily(The 30th Anniversary of Development and Opening-up of Pudong)

Illustration for SONGTSAM

Hands drawing for Moleskine

Digital illustration for Costa coffee wall painting

Digital illustration for lab coat

Digital illustration for pets protecting organizations

Illustrations for Book